Wyatt Works    -   Saint Louis MO
(314) 669-4224

After you have downloaded our rental application form from the website,
1. Fill out the application as completely as you possibly can.
   a. Incomplete applications may be rejected and take longer to process.
   b. If you have a criminal history with felony convictions and time served your application may be denied.  
   c. If you have a very low credit score, your application may be denied.  
   d. Unless persons planning to live in the apartment are legally married or are the children of the primary applicant and under the age of 18 years old, each person planning to live in the apartment is required to fill out an application.

2. Mail your completed application[s] to: 
   Wyatt Works Saint Louis
   P.O. Box 18845
   Saint Louis, MO 63118
You may also fax your application to 314-481-1470.
Or you may scan your application to a .pdf file and send it as an E-mail attachment to rent@wyattworksstl.com. 

3. Each application submitted requires a fifty Dollar [$50.00] application processing fee. 
    Applications will not be processed until this fee is paid. 
    Application fee checks should be made out to “Wyatt Ltd. Partnership” and mailed to the address above. 

4. If you [and your roommates] are approved for an apartment and if you [and your roommates] sign a lease for an apartment, your first month’s rent will be reduced by the total amount you [and your roommates] have paid in application processing fees.

5. Application processing fees will not be returned except by a first month’s rent discount as stated in 4. above.

6. Any other questions concerning the application process, fees or the apartments should be addressed in a phone call to (314) 669-4224 or an e-mail to wyattworksstl@gmail.com.

Once you have read the above instructions, click to download our Rental Application.

Rental Application Policy